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About London Eye Fireworks

An internationally renowned event on the New Year’s Eve the London eye fireworks offer a mesmerizing experience to visitors during their visit to this cultural hub at the end of every year. The fireworks are triggered by the chimes of the great Big Ben right before midnight. The fireworks last an hour, welcoming the next year as people from all around the globe witness the stunning display from various venues across the city. Every year over 12,000 fireworks cover the London night sky and create a vibrant image that is also broadcasted live on BBC channel.

As the big Ben chimes at midnight the fireworks at London Eye cover the entire night sky of the city and offer visitors a breathtaking view. The mesmerizing firework display is visible to tourists and locals from various spots including the Southbank, the Victoria embankment, the Westminster bridge, the shard and others. In addition to the mesmerizing fireworks that create an enchanting display, visitors also enjoy dancing to the beats of songs played by a talented DJ during the event. Visitors can also book tables at the riverside cafes or gather for midnight New Years Eve picnics in open parks which serve as viewpoints for the fireworks.

What To Expect During The London Eye Fireworks

Fireworks London Eye

The London eye fireworks have been organized by Jack Morton worldwide brand experience agency as a major event to welcome the new year since 2003. Thousands of people from all around the globe gather at various spots across the city and enjoy the enchanting display of thousands of fireworks in the night sky set with the backdrop of the London Eye.

Tourists and locals gather at major spots like the Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Victoria embankment, the shard and others. The fireworks at London eye are synchronized with the big bang and just as the bell chimes at midnight the vibrant and colorful display with 12,000 fireworks is triggered into the open sky.

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Best Places To View The London Eye Fireworks

The London eye fireworks are an annual event in the New Year celebrations of this cultural hub city, London. As the sky lights up over the Thames in the heart of the city people from all around the globe gather at the capital to witness this enchanting display at various spots across the city.

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Fireworks London Eye
Cannon Street

Cannon street is located right down the river Thames in the city of Westminster. From this spot the visitors can enjoy the London Eye Fireworks without any hassle. The area is nestled right next to the designated spot for viewing the fireworks and is not as crowded as the viewing area. The viewing spot of Cannon Street is located right beside the St. Paul’s cathedral and includes the riverwalk side. Visitors can grab a place by the banks of River Thames and enjoy a stunning display of fireworks at midnight as the Big Ben starts chiming.

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Fireworks London Eye
Millenium Bridge And Southwark Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is situated a little further away from the London eye but still offers an amazing spot to watch the London eye fireworks. If visitors don’t mind wrapping themselves in layers and arriving a little bit earlier they will enjoy an amazing view of the enchanting display of the fireworks lighting up the sky. The Southwark bridge is also a great option for the visitors who wish to get clear views of the firework display but have not booked tickets for indoor or outdoor venues for the same. These bridges are however fairly packed if someone arrives a little late to the venue, so it is suggested to arrive on time and find the right spot beforehand.

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Fireworks London Eye
Lambeth Bridge

The Lambeth bridge is located close to the Parliament of Houses and is often open to traffic on New Year’s Eve. However, visitors are free to stand at pavement space from where they can enjoy a decent view of the fireworks at London eye. The Bridge crosses over the River Thames near the Parliament region and visitors have to be very careful as they will be met by traffic diverted from various corners of the city.

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Fireworks London Eye
Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill stands at about 207 feet above sea level and is one of the most popular sites for enjoying the panoramic views of the London city. This stunning and popular viewpoint is also located at less than a 5 km distance from central London and therefore is a great place to enjoy the London eye fireworks at New Year’s Eve. Visitors can make it a picnic with friends and family as they enjoy the cold breeze of winter nights and witness a vibrant display of over 12,000 fireworks in the sky.

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London Eye Fireworks - Know Before You Go

Fireworks London Eye
  • If visitors wish to enjoy the enchanting display from the best view point they have to arrive early at their selected London Eye fireworks venue. The best time to arrive is before 9 PM so that they will find a clear spot before the show begins.

  • Since it is the peak winter season in London during the London Eye fireworks, it is best to dress up accordingly in various layers of thermals, jackets, gloves ets and be warm and cozy while watching fireworks.

  • Visitors should bring their own food and drinks to the venue in case they do not get access to any concession stand for the entire time.

  • If visitors are gathering in open parks or venues like the Primrose Hill they can bring along some card games for entertainment purposes before the fireworks begin at midnight.

  • After enjoying the stunning views of the fireworks at London Eye, visitors can continue the party as many clubs and events are open on New Year’s Eve.

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London Eye Fireworks FAQs

How long do the London fireworks last?

The New Year celebrations in London at the London Eye last for about one hour as the fireworks cover the night sky with its vibrant and colorful Sparks. The festivities begin with the chimes of the Big Ben as the clock strikes 12. During the one hour show, visitors from around the globe and the locals gather at different vantage points across the city to enjoy the vibrant view of the midnight sky.

What do the London Eye fireworks include?

In addition to the vibrant display at the London Eye fireworks event, visitors will also get to enjoy the DJ playing music for most part of the night. At midnight the Big Ben starts chiming which triggers the fireworks that lasts for about an hour, from midnight to 1 AM into the first day of the New Year.

At what time does the London Eye fireworks begin?

The fireworks at London Eye begin at midnight as the Big Ben chimes and triggers the 12,000 firework display for an hour of vibrant sparks in the London sky. This show is an annual event at the iconic monument and garners the attention of millions of people from around the globe and in the city itself.

Can you see London fireworks from Primrose Hill?

Yes, visitors can enjoy a decent view of the fireworks on New Years Eve at the London Eye from the Primrose Hill. It is located within a 5km distance and is also nestled at a height of 207 feet above sea level. This makes it a great vantage point for visitors to get a more clear and comfortable view of the vibrant fireworks.

On which occasions can I experience the London Eye fireworks?

The London eye fireworks cover the London Sky annually on New Year’s Eve at midnight for an hour.