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About The London Eye At Night

Located at the heart of the city of London, the iconic London Eye can be seen gracefully rotating over the River Thames. The London Eye, also regarded as the Millennium wheel, is a massive Ferris wheel that holds its prized position on the southern banks of the River Thames.

It was built to mark the city’s millennium celebrations and makes for a great observation center. It is particularly beautiful at nightfall when the lights of the city reflect on it. To get a view of the London Eye at night you need to head towards it soon after sunset and also go for a ride for exceptional views of the glittering city from a great height.


Visiting The London Eye At Night

Visiting the London Eye at night will give you a memorable experience as it glitters up spectacularly when lit in the dark. Get on the London Eye to enjoy the skyline of the city at night, which is absolutely mesmerizing. You will also witness some of the most iconic structures from high above the ground when you are on the London Eye at night.

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London Eye
Getting into The London Eye at Night

Once you get your London Eye tickets, you can head straight for the queue that will put you on the ride of the London Eye at night. The ride lasts till 9 PM every day and the wait time during this time of the day is usually not much. Step into your pod, although it may still be slightly in motion when you do so, and brace yourself for an experience of a lifetime. Your London Eye pod will be completely sealed and thus you can rest assured to stay protected from the rain in case it starts to pour.

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London Eye
View from the London Eye at Night

Be prepared to get mesmerized by some stunning views from the London Eye at night. The wheel takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a full rotation which leaves you with ample time to soak in the views from the top, over the city’s skyline. Some of the most iconic and identifiable structures that you may hope to see from the air are those on the other end of the Southbank like the Big Ben and the Houses of the Parliament. The wheel rotates at a very relaxed pace and makes your experience laidback and enjoyable.

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Why Visit The London Eye At Night?

London Eye
  • Visit the London Eye in night for a one-of-a-kind experience and mesmerizing views of one of the world’s fastest cities along with its attractions and landscapes.
  • Get umpteen opportunities for photography as you glide about on your London Eye capsule.
  • Catch the sights of iconic buildings and landmarks such as the Big Ben, the House of Commons as well as the famous River Thames, all lit up spectacularly in the night.
  • Revel in the exhilaration as the wheel lifts you in the air up to a height of 135 meters over the Thames River.
  • Enjoy being on the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel which gives a 360 degree view of not only the city’s famous landmarks but also about 40 km out of the city up to the Windsor Castle.
  • Cruise along in your pod while also gaining interesting information about the city which is talked about in this guided tour.
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Places To Visit Near London Eye At Night

When you visit Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the London Eye at night, you can not only enjoy marvelous views of the city from high above the ground, you can also visit some of the most iconic places in the city that are located near it. From the iconic Thames River and the Westminster Bridge to the historically significant Tattershall Castle and the Victoria Embankment, you can visit some of the capital’s richest cultural and traditional locales when you visit the London Eye at night.

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London Eye
River Thames

Take a stroll or go for a sightseeing tour along the peaceful river that runs right through the middle of the city of London, Thames. You can enjoy a variety of sightseeing river cruises ranging between Westminster, Tower Bridge Quay, Greenwich Piers, Embankment, and much more. The cruises also feature an informative and educational radio commentary that tell you interesting facts about the city and its important landmarks that lie along the banks of the river. Taking a cruise along the Thames River in the night is especially exciting as you witness the city’s architecture that varies from gothic to sleek skyscrapers, in the shadows of the night.

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London Eye
The Boat Show Comedy Club

Enjoy London’s finest floating comedy club that operates while afloat on the River Thames, when you visit the London Eye at night. The club is much renowned in London for its famous acts and also has a dedicated fan-following that some go down to this intimate venue to enjoy certain secret jigs. Located right opposite the London Eye, this is a great place to visit if you are here at night. You can also enjoy some mouthwatering food and exceptional drinks here as you watch the entertaining shows live with great comedy, brilliant DJ, and excellent MCs.

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London Eye
Westminster Bridge

After your visit to the London Eye at night you can head to the historical Westminster Bridge to experience the traditional vides of this Victorian city. As you walk on this bridge you can catch spectacular views of the Big Ben, the parliament buildings, as well as the London Eye. The bridge is not very crowded during this time of the day as opposed to during the mornings or afternoons, and you can enjoy a pleasant time strolling on it. Once you start to cross the bridge you will also be greeted by a huge lion statue on one side which lends an amazing sight.

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London Eye
Tattershall Castle

This famous pub on the River Thames is an icon in itself for the sheer English charm that it exudes as well as the spectacular river views that you can enjoy from here. Situated opposite the London Eye, it is a great place to head to after your visit to the London Eye at night. This is a great place to celebrate any occasion, whether you simply want to enjoy a meal on the deck, an intimate gathering, drinks in the lounge, a wedding, or a snack. You can also buy merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies if you wish to take back a memento home from here.

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London Eye
Victoria Embankment

This is an amazing place to take a walk and imbibe the sights and sounds of the city of London complete with pleasant spring flowers, famous statues, and formidable buildings that stand overlooking the River Thames. There are a lot of fun activities also that take place on this Embankment side of the Thames such as street actors performing as well as markets for books. The Victoria Embankment is essentially part of the Thames Embankment, a road and a river walk that runs along the north bank of the River Thames from the palace of Westminster to Blackfriars Bridge.

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London Eye
The Courtauld Gallery

This famous gallery in London is yet another great place to visit from the London Eye at night for the masterpieces that are housed here. The gallery’s collection ranges from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century displayed in elegant settings. You can see a variety of paintings, prints, sculpture, drawings, and decorative arts exhibited here. Some of the gallery’s most renowned collections include masterpieces from the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist era. So if you are an admirer of art, you will certainly marvel at the paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, and several others.

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London Eye At Night FAQs

Is it worth visiting the London Eye at Night?

Visiting the London Eye at night is especially enchanting for the unique experience it offers. The view from the height over the city’s skyline is absolutely marvelous as you get to see some of the most iconic landmark buildings such as the Big Ben and the Houses of the Parliament. You can also see the famous River Thames glimmering in the lights from your London Eye capsule.

What is the height of the London Eye Ferris wheel?

The height of the London Eye Ferris wheel is 135 meters. It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the whole world.

Why is the London Eye so popular?

The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the whole of Europe and is very popular because it offers the best views of the city of London. It attracts millions of visitors every year for the experience it offers and the beautiful sight it becomes, especially at night.

Can I take the London Eye River Cruise at Night?

The London Eye River Cruise runs daily from 11 AM to 6 PM. Hence a cruise later than that is not possible.

How far can you see from the top of the London Eye?

You can enjoy 360 degree views of the capital spread out before you from the London Eye. Most noteworthy are landmarks like the big Ben and the House of Commons. However, on a clear day you can also see up to 40 km out of the city to Windsor Castle.

How old is the London Eye?

The London Eye was launched in the year 2000 by Marks Barfield Architects. It celebrated its 20th birthday in 2020.

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